my blog is my coping system. there are people on here that i trust more than people in real life with my personal problems. and if you feel the need to report back to other people the posts i make about my depression and relationship posts, you should realize how petty and immature that it. 

if you go to my school and you personally go out of your way to stalk my blog and tell everyone my personal shit, you have problems.

most of my posts are made in the heat of the moment when im super angry at someone. 

if youre that petty enough to report to other people what i said, you need to grow up and get a new hobby

If you’re from my school,


I don’t care if you follow me, or read the things I post about. But let me just get one thing straight. What you see or read on here, stays on here. I’m not writing for your entertainment, or for you to start drama just because I posted something you “assume” was about someone. You don’t know me. So don’t pretend you know who or what I’m talking about.

bringing this back 

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if you’re from my school coming to spy on my PERSONAL blog, go kindly fuck yourself :)))